in the court, on the Internet and wherever they were attacked upon.

What issues do we settle?

Defamatory publications

Lies have been published about you or your business on the Internet (in the media, on websites, in social networks).

Accusation and insult

You have been publicly insulted or accused of something you did not do.

“Revealing” video

A video that tarnishes your business reputation has been uploaded on YouTube or other platforms.


You have been slandered by competitors, ex-partners, fake customers, or other interested parties.

Information attack

False information that discredits your company and business activity is shared in the media and on the Internet.

Lawsuit on defamation

A lawsuit was filed against you on defamation case.


We draft lawsuits to be filed with the court on defamation cases for the protection of honor, dignity and reputation, namely:
  • we collect evidence to strengthen the position;
  • we document defamatory content in a legally appropriate manner;
  • we acquire a linguists expert opinion;
  • we reasonably ground the violation of your rights.
We claim in the court to refute defamatory information, namely:
  • we litigate in the court (throughout Ukraine);
  • we provide the required evidence;
  • we seek judicial decision in your favor;
  • we monitor the enforcement of court decision.
We initiate the removal of defamatory information from websites, namely:
  • we draft a claim to remove/correct negative information;
  • we identify the owners of the Internet resource;
  • we contact them (even if they are abroad);
  • we seek to remove/correct negative information.
We ensure the removal of negative videos
from YouTube, namely:
  • we study legal grounds for the removal;
  • we analyze alleged copyright infringements;
  • we investigate unlawful disclosure of personal data;
  • we submit a claim to YouTube and seek the removal.
We remove defamatory content from Google Search, namely:
  • we draft a list of resources with negative content;
  • we study legal grounds for the removal;
  • we submit a claim to Google with the relevant arguments;
  • we negotiate with Google and seek the removal.
We take information countermeasures against the opponents, namely:
  • we collect compromising information about the opponents;
  • we engage author-analysts to prepare investigation;
  • we cooperate with reputable publications as to publishing materials;
  • we analyze feedback and new publications.


— Defamation lawyer

Oleh Gromovyi —
one of the leading litigation lawyers according to the rating
“Top 100 Lawyers of Ukraine” (2020).

  • Managing partner of GENTLS.
  • Master of Intellectual Property Law.
  • 15 years in the field of jurisprudence.
  • 10-year experience in the field of reputation protection.
  • Author of the reputation protection blog on Liga.net.
  • Graduate of the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).



We are highly specialized lawyers in defamation cases, i.e. we have deeper expertise and better competence.

Comprehensive approach

Our team includes lawyers, linguists, PR specialists, copywriters, reputation management experts. We can call experts in information wars and political technology.


Since we have been working as a well-coordinated team using our personal technology for more than 10 years, we immediately get involved in the situation and quickly predict the prospects of the proceedings.


We prefer delicate attitude towards all participants, therefore, at the initial stage, we commence the pre-trial settlement. Should the opponents reject it, we are ready for radical measures and legal battles.


Everything discussed with the client shall not be shared. We coordinate every step and do not take any action without notifying you.


Since we respect confidentiality in work with our clients, we publish case examples without any names. However, these are true situations with real participants and decisions in our favor in the courts.


GENTLS is a law firm that specializes in defamation cases.

We represented the interests of two Prime Ministers, politicians, MPs, businessmen (including those from the Forbes list), top managers of the leading companies and public figures.

As of 2020, we are included in the list of Top-100 Lawyers of Ukraine in the Client’s Choice nomination. Moreover, GENTLS is a member of the authoritative international rating LEGAL 500.


OUR GOAL is to reveal the truth in order to protect your honor, dignity and reputation.

To this end, we will achieve the refutation of defamatory information by means of a court decision, as well as the cessation of the dissemination of lies, insults and other unreliable data.

We will assist you all the way – from the beginning to the very victorious end. Moreover, we will assess the prospects at initial stage, explaining everything as it is and suggesting the best way to proceed.


Before inquiring about the amount of our fee,
ask yourself how you value
your reputation?

Should you fail to stop the dissemination of defamatory information, how much will it cost?

It may result in an unconcluded contract, loss of funding for elections and other preparatory initiatives, deprivation of preferences and high powers, decrease in business profit, suspension of funding, etc…

Furthermore, delays in response are costly, because information attacks are not a targeted strike. They are a weapon of mass destruction. It is the situation when people make a mountain out of a molehill.

Therefore, the sooner you hire an attorney, the faster the situation can be resolved and the fewer resources it will take.

Now, GENTLS attorneys will help you to take an advantage rather than loose.

Pre-trial settlement

ranging from $ 500 and more


ranging from $ 1500 and more


Bad PR

Most people who want to do business with you will study information about you on the Internet before the first meeting (you do the same).

Missed opportunities

People are not able to assess if the information is reliable. Thus, negative publicity can make people avoid communication with you.

Distorted perception

Search engines set what others say about you above what you tell about yourself.

Success produces envy

The more successful your business is there are more people who want to tarnish your reputation with slander and false information. And one has only to start – others will join.

Negative information on the Internet is explosive

Everything that is publicly said and written about you can be found in the global network. And the longer this information is on the Internet, the more effects it entails.

Do not let enemies disturb your plans

Targeted negative information can be fatal to your career or business.

Your reputation is worth standing up for it, because you have been working hard for years to build it.



You will explain the situation and its background.


We will study the request and the sources.


We will conduct preliminary analysis and assess the prospects.


We will set forth our proposal and sign a LS agreement.


We will develop an action plan taking into account different scenarios.


We will coordinate all actions with you.


We will proceed to the immediate implementation of the agreed actions.